Hello! Welcome to the Average Sports Blog!

My objective is to bring regular, impartial coverage of the National Football League through visual and statistical analysis during the season and to provide steady source of quality NFL content during that terrible half of the year in which there is no football.

I’m currently a senior Communication major at Old Dominion University so post timing tends to vary depending on how busy I am that day/week. Outside of school, I’ve been a sports writing intern for a local media company and a local newspaper since 2015, but have had a passion for writing since middle school. I’ve been a football fan since a young age and came to love the game as I grew older. By 7th grade I was obsessed and that passion has only grown as time has gone by.

My hope is to continue writing and improving my skills through the blog, so I welcome any criticism or suggestions. If you’re looking for a place to start, I suggest my NFL Draft series on the all-time best picks from each round, and my series counting down the league’s best players by jersey number. Enjoy your stay!